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Precision Vapor was started in 2011 and has become the leading electronic cigarette company in the nation based on quality engineered innovative technology. Our company has quickly grown based on our top of the line products, consumer adaptation, high profit margins, and very low defect rates. Our company strives to provide nothing but the best to our customers.

The best part of all is the profit margin that our E-Cig generates for your jail!  Our E-Cig is offered in 4 different flavors (blueberry, strawberry, marlboro, menthol) in a clear or wrapped (looks like a cigarette) packaging. They can be sold to inmates at rates of $8-30.00. For example; if you choose to sell your E-Cigs at a rate of $10 each that’s a GROSS MARGIN: 69.20%, MARKUP: 224.68% & a GROSS PROFIT of: $6.92+ per each E-Cig!

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Our E-Cigs vaporize what is called an “e-juice” which consists of water, nicotine, & different flavorings based in glycerin solution. The E-Cig process avoids burning tobacco with toxic combustion byproducts. Our E-Cigs are composed of soft plastic castings without metal and have a low voltage battery which is not rechargeable. Just one of our E-Cig’s will give you between 500-700 puffs, which are equal to 40-50 conventional cigarettes!

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Our E-Cig’s have been said to boost inmate morality which then contributes to improved behavior and can help calm consistently agitated inmates. Also helping decrease traditional contraband in your jail.  E-Cig’s also have the ability to reduce staff smoke breaks,  the correctional officer(s) no longer need to leave their assigned work station to smoke.

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Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson


Katherine Haberlien

Katherine Haberlien

Sales Manager


The Original


Soft & Flexible Casing
Serial # for Easy Tracking
Contains Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine & Flavoring
Nearly 3 Million Units sold
Sealed Ends

Full Tobacco





When you do business with Precision Vapor we ship your orders the same day and our products are the leaders of the industry with over 5 million sold.


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